Pig Tot Astronaut

Learn About Planets with Pig Tot

Wowza!!! Pig Tot Astronaut, the second book in the Pig Tot children’s series, has just become available. This only one week after the original ‘Pig Tot’ book reached number one on the Amazon Hot New Releases list in Children’s Stories About Toys. It’s still not too late – you can get your child’s copy of ‘Pig Tot’ HERE

Pig Tot getting some love in the UK, read Rebbie’s Review

What’s that pig up to now?

Ready! Get set! Explore! Fly through space with Pig Tot to the outer limits of our solar system. Blast off from the couch in his living room! See all of the planets and learn a Fun Fact about each. Pig Tot is going to park his spaceship at every one of them. Zoom Zoom Zoom, and away we go!

Children's book about planets
Pig Tot Astronaut

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You better buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight because Pig Tot’s rocket ship is super duper fast. From the Sun to the furthest away and back in only 31 pages. Learn with Pig Tot!

Includes coloring page.

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Pig Tot Astronaut

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