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Pigs, Space, Rocket Ships, & Planets!

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Press Release – Pig Tot Astronaut

Learn About Planets with Pig Tot

Ready! Get set! Explore! Fly through space with Pig Tot to the outer limits of our solar system. Download FREE Children’s Book February 12 – 16, 2021, and blast off from the couch in Pig Tot’s living room! See all of the planets and learn a Fun Fact about each. Pig Tot is going to park his spaceship at every one of them. Zoom Zoom Zoom, and away we go!

You better buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight because Pig Tot’s rocket ship is super duper fast. From the Sun to the furthest away and back in only 31 pages. Learn with Pig Tot!

Includes coloring page.
Free Children's book offer

Available in Paperback

Did you miss the first book in the Series?

Pig Tot does NOT like to put away his toys!

We all dally at times, and the longer we wait, a once minor task can quickly become great. When you don’t clean your room, the mess grows, and it grows. Suddenly you have a giant Bonker Wonker right under your nose. Take a deep breath. There’s no time to worry. Pig Tot will have to figure out something in a hurry.

Pig Tot learns that procrastinating can quickly lead to an overwhelming situation. However, he discovers that doing a little at a time can prevent and remedy an intimidating task.