Pig Tot 🐷 Children’s Book

Pig Tot is Really a Fun Lesson in Time Management

Pig Tot Children’s book

The Pig Tot children’s book is about a pig that does NOT like to clean his room. He does NOT like to put away his toys. ‘He’s a little messy,’ says Pig Tot’s mom. Everything is just left where it is when he is done with it. Then he moves on the next.

Bonker Wonker

The size of the mess and the toys strewn about only gets bigger with time. Before you know it Pig Tot has a giant Bonker Wonker in his room.

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‘I’ll do it later’

Procrastination is not something that is limited to adults. It occurs at all ages to one extent or another—everything from doing your taxes to putting away your toys.

Also true for toddlers to adults is the distress of handling a task when we have put off more than we should. Unfortunately, we do not often consider that our little one may be overwhelmed. Let’s face it, a bunch of toys on the floor, no matter who put them there can be a lot for a three-year-old to process.

Understanding that this anxiety can be at hand gives parents the incredible opportunity to set the groundwork for a lifetime of successful time management. This, in turn, reduces the potential to become overwhelmed and provides the tools they will need if it should occur.

Pig Tot is a pig who does just that. He procrastinates, the amount of out of place toys grows, and he becomes intimidated by the mess’s size. It takes a moment, but Pig Tot comes to realize that no matter how large the pile, it still gets put away one piece at a time.

Pig Tot 🐷 Children’s Book

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The immediate message Pig Tot brings to light is the importance of putting away something once you are done with it. Because of this, I have been told that this is a great book for husbands as well. Put it away now, don’t wait until later, and you’ll not have a Bonker Wonker.

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