The Year of the Pig Tot

Parents and Grandparents all across the United States have gone out to their mailboxes this week to find large yellow envelopes. These packages from Amazon containing the first copies of the much anticipated ‘Pig Tot’ children’s book by the author, R.H. Stankowitz.

Pig Tot Children's book on Amazon

We all dally at times, and the longer we wait a once minor task can quickly become great.

A pig who does not like to put away his toys brings something to children’s literature that anyone at any age can identify with. But, is it true that this will be the book that lowers the odds of you ever feeling the pain of stepping on a LEGO® again?

Pig Tot Children's book on Amazon

When you don’t clean your room, the mess grows, and it grows. 

Thirty-seven pig filled pages in verse with a target audience of one to six-year-olds addresses some topics that may easily appeal to ages one through sixty. Pig Tot’s putting off till tomorrow what he could do today as far as cleaning his room and picking up his toys delves into the downside of procrastination.

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Pig Tot Children's book on Amazon

Suddenly you have a giant Bonker Wonker right under your nose.

Faced with a mess that has become intimidating in size, Pig Tot will do anything else he can think of to avoid tackling the task at hand. We find that the little pig’s distress eventually carries into other responsibilities.

Pig Tot is on Kindle HERE

Pig Tot Children's book on Amazon

Overwhelmed, the little pig winds up with a full blown Bonker Wonker on his hands.

Pig Tot Children's book on Amazon

Pig Tot discovers that the best way to deal with being overwhelmed involves the same steps necessary to prevent it in the first place.

If you are going to buy one book for a child this year on picking up toys and why we should clean messy rooms, Pig Tot is a book that every kid should have in their library. Honestly, this is a children’s book that is a great read for every family member.

Get your child’s copy today!